Maple Garden HD wallpaper Collections

Maple tree is plant that belongs to the family Aceraceae. There are 128 species and couple of thousand varieties of maples that can be found mostly on the northern hemisphere. Fossil evidences indicate that maples exist on the planet at least 100 million years. Certain species of maples vanished during the ice age. These plants are cultivated because of their ornamental morphology, production of maple syrup and commercial application of the wood. Unfortunately, out of 128 species, 54 are faced with uncertain future due to habitat loss. – Source – softschool.


Autumn Maple garden wallpaper


Beautiful Japanese Garden Wallpaper

Cute maple wallpaper

Cute Maple Gardens


Japanese garden wallpaper download


Download Maple HD wallpaper

Maple HD wallpaper

Maple HD wallpaper collections


Maple Garden HD Wallpaper

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